I’m a perfect Latin Mix. 50% Uruguayan, 25% Cuban, 25% Spanish, born in Miami, grew up in Santiago Chile, explored Italian Design for 4 years, but now I am based in Miami. 


So where I am exactly from? That’s a good question... I like to feel I’m a free spirit from everywhere not letting country borders define who am I and my style, but absorbing as much as I can from all cultures. More likely a global hybrid. A hybrid that can give and receive culture, experiences, design, and knowledge in the artistic and global fields.


I studied middle and high school in Santiago Chile, where I discovered my love and interests in the design fields. By the time I attended Parsons’ summer design program in New York at 16 years old, I knew I would dedicate my life to design. I continued taking design courses in High School. Upon graduation, I enrolled in Istituto Marangoni in Milan to study Interior Design in 2015, where I lived for four years.


Right now, I am looking forward to gaining experience in the Interior Design Fields!